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We are a social media agency in the city centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. We founded our company on February first 2017 with one main goal and that is to bring Chinese travelers and local luxury shops closer together. We are trying to achieve this through active use of the most widely used social media channels in combination with our own iEyestreet app.
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Because there are more and more Chinese tourists coming to Denmark, and it is by far the tourist group that spends the most money during their stay. It is a fact that Chinese tourists account for 54% of all tax-free shopping in Denmark, and in this context there will be spent more than dkr. 300 million. Annually. In the period between 2017 and 2020, Chinese spending is expected to increase by another dkr. 150-300 million.

Chinese tourists always make thorough research and planning in relation to the local shopping opportunities on social media before they leave home. It is also a fact that up to 72% of all Chinese tourists, search, find, and share their local shopping experiences on their own preffered social media such as WeChat and Weibo.

Therefore we have put together some interesting services for Danish companies that make it possible to meet the Chinese travelers on their platform of choice, whether it's WeChat and Weibo, or on our app. We help you to build up a knowledge of your business and products, so that your business can be well prepared in time before the Chinese guests arrive. Thus, you are ensured a fair chance to get a share of the booming market for Chinese travelers.

Let us emphasize that this form of marketing is the new black, and everything is done in Chinese.

Why should your business not benefit from this ?
Easy to use social media marketing for your business.
Profile on our dynamic app based virtual market place.
Your content translated into Chinese.
How do we achieve this ?
From an idea about traveling from China to Denmark, to eventually end up in your shop. We influence the entire process from start to finish.

  • The Chinese hear about Denmark:

    • Our partners promote and bring the Chinese in touch with us

  • The Chinese do their research about Danish shopping options:

    • Our official and validated WeChat and Weibo accounts are being used to promote your shop and your products - we use Google Analytics to report on your online response

  • The Chinese travel to Denmark:

    • Visa offices, tourist offices, buses, hotels, guides, etc. bring the Chinese onto our iEyestreet app.

  • The Chinese are in Denmark:

    • The Chinese find your store and your products in our app. We use iEyestreet statistics to report on your profiles activity. Regular Google Business updates helps to be found on Google Maps

  • The Chinese ends up in your shop:

    • The Chinese use our app to facilitate the processing of sales in your store

    Our team carefully influences every single step of the way.
    Facts about Chinese tourism in Denmark
    • They are generally between 25 - 44 years old.
    • 78% of the Chinese travellers are visiting Copenhagen for the first time.
    • They search the internet for attractions and local experiences on the internet before going to Copenhagen.
    • 72% use their everyday social media platforms when travelling. The two biggest are WeChat and Weibo.
    • 44% travel independently. 68% of the tour group travellers would travel in a more independent form, if visiting Scandinavia again.
    • 44% of the independent travellers stay 4 nights or more in Copenhagen.
    • The Chinese tourists request improvements in areas of:
      • Mobile apps in Chinese with city guides, recommendations etc.
      • Local specialties.
      • Tourist information, street signs and/or city maps in Chinese language.
    * If you want more information do feel free to call or email us.
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    Meet and greet the team
    Dennis 丹尼斯
    Founding Partner | CEO | CTO
    John 约翰
    External Consultant
    Yunxin 芸欣
    Sales | Social Media Expert
    Michelle 欧阳巧玲
    Social Media Expert
    Thomas 张昊若
    Social Media Expert
    Available jobs at this time !
    We are updating the list on monday week 10, but we do have several openings at this time. Check back with us during week 10.
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